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What To See In The Pilbara Region

What To See In The Pilbara Region

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150 kilometres West of Newman is the stunning Karijini National Park It is known most for its spectacular walking trails.

Seasoned walkers will discover various hiking grades, with two grade 6 (restricted) paths, one grade 5 along with a number of grades 4 and 3. You’ll see extraordinary gorges stretching out many miles. You’re likely to abseil straight down a 40 metre waterfall, watch the awesome wedgetailed eagles, osprey along with red kangaroos.

Because of its high gorges, Karijini is at an elevated chance of flash floods. Several bushwalkers have already been killed when water levels rose rapidly and swept them onto rocks. Not long ago a rescue worker was also killed. Be safe and don’t put your own life or the health of people rescuing you at risk. Make sure to notify the ranger when and where you are going and walk in pairs or groups.

In case you stay in Karijini, you will find an eco-retreat that features solar hot water and platforms with good sized camping tents on them. If staying in a tent is not really your style, it is advisable to stay in the Auzcorp Mia Mia hotel in Newman.

A couple of hours to the north of Karijini you’ll find the mining town of Port Hedland. This is the most significant town in the district and roughly 15,000 people stay there. Each month, almost 20 million tonnes of iron ore pass through the port, headed for China, Japan and USA. Some other major exports also include sea salt (make sure to see the salt mine near Port Hedland), manganese, sheep and cattle.

Just about everyone in Port Hedland wears flurescent coats. Why? Just about everyone in Port Hedland either is employed by the mines or for the miners. Holidaymakers are really easy to see, so when you want to match the residents, obtain a flurescent coat.

You’ll find lodgings a little hard to locate in Port Hedland. The ones that can be obtained are often very costly. A good option to sleep in will be the Auzcorp Beachside Village. It was once the Port Hedland Detention Centre, however it has been changed to a motel several years ago. In case safety is critical to you personally, this really is a wonderful hotel. All of the safety measures which were set up to keep detainees inside have become utilised for keeping travellers safe and sound. Don’t be concerned, the hotel doesn’t resemble a detention centre. It seems similar to a high security lodge.

Different interesting attractions in the neighborhood are the magnificent Whaleback Mountain mine run by BHP Billiton. It is the largest open cut mine on the earth. Marble Bar is also abundant with mining heritage. If it turns out National Parks are more to your liking, be sure you explore Cape Kerandren and Rudal River National Parks.

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