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Camping Hammock for Travel is a Fun Bed with Bug Net

by admin
Outdoor enthusiasts will certainly enjoy the benefits and comfort of Areté Travel & Leisure's brand-new sleeping hammock. It's light, yet tough and durable design provides easy transportation and hassle-free setup.Weighing in at only 24 ounces, it functions as a hassle-free sleeping arrangement without including a tremendous amount of weight to your backpack or equipment. The hammock features durable material, heavy-duty carabiners and triple-stitching, permitting a weight capacity of 330 pounds.Its functional design enables use as an open hammock or flipped over as a protective shield from bugs, small animals and inclement weather. The ideal addition to your outdoor and camping [...]

Strongest Hammock Tree Straps I've Ever Bought

by admin
For months I had been searching for a cost effective pair of hammock straps. Every pair I bought either had the straps stretch and rip or the hooks bent after a single use. The other complaint I had was that the straps couldn't handle the advertised weight amount.Finally I found the best pair of hammock straps by the company OxStraps. These straps are by far the best I've ever used. They're easy to setup, don't have any of the difficulties my other straps had, and they're easy on the wallet. These straps were even strong enough to handle my husband, [...]

Stylish Money Belt for Safe Travels

by admin
I found this money belt on Amazon and think it is about perfect! I won't travel without it anymore! I wore it all the time on our recent trip to Disney World and was completely comfortable. I never had to be scared of being robbed and never felt that relaxed in touristy places before. The fabric on the back is breathable, so it doesn't get sweaty on your skin. The belt is adjustable with a very solid buckle. It fit comfortably around my 37 inch belly. The money belt is spacious enough for all valuables like passport, credit cards, cell [...]

Fun Mosquito Repellent Bracelet For Children

by admin
I came across this cute mosquito repellent bracelet that is safe for children, listed on Amazon. As a parent, I am always looking for safe products and I appreciate the natural ingredients with no DEET used in this product. My family wore it on our trip to China this past summer, where illness carrying mosquitoes are everywhere. I must say the bracelets and bonus patches worked superb. The smell was very pleasant, unlike many other mosquito repellents on the market today. It was very comfortable to wear with the bracelet being adjustable. My family avoided mosquito bites wearing the Brookyo [...]