Paracord Survival Bracelet from Adventures Depot(™) – Tactical Gear and Camping Style – Emergency Preparedness

Would you like a ready-for-action look that's a bit unusual? It's possible. It's a paracord bracelet with a spin – a built-in bottle cap opener. It's a mix that may not be as odd as you believe. I'm not claiming it's handier than the pockets in your pants, but I think it's close. Pretty amazing. Great for backpacking or any outdoor sports. Doubtful? Okay – just keep reading and hear what I need to say.

If you're a bit like me, then you're a common-sense individual who likes practicality in things you buy. And you want to be ready for whatever may come your way. Truthfully, things would need to get off-the-charts bad before you think about taking apart your survival bracelet for some extra length of line. You may never need to use it for that – but this bracelet will always look great. Truly well built. And having a bottle opener on your wrist can be more than a conversation topic. It's uncommon enough that your close friends have probably have never seen anything like it, yet it's cool and practical when you're enjoying a cold one.

I typically prefer to buy my things in the traditional way, from a regular shop with real humans. But for this, I chose to give Amazon a shot (I saw an advertisement that made me wonder what precisely it was). So I took a chance and purchased this bracelet online. It turned out to be a terrific choice on my part.

Not only did I get a terrific item. I wear it a lot, and I can flash it around my good buddies. The integrated bottle cap opener has made it a genuine hit on the job site. Plus… what blew me away was the way Adventures Depot treated me as a customer. It was as if I were buying a thousand dollar product from them, not a strap-it-on paracord survival bracelet. I would certainly buy from these guys again and again. I am not making this up. This bracelet is fantastic, but the way they treat their customers is unbelievable. Go on and give them a try. I'm going to bet you'll be impressed. It's worth the money – an excellent item and terrific buying experience.

* Wider than normal, with a nice tight weave. It's built well and comfortable to wear.

* Outdoor gear with tactical readiness. Great for hiking, camping, backpacking, or preppers. Roadtrip!

* From Mountain Bike to Motorcycle to Military. Every bit heavy duty. Disaster emergency preparedness.

* Adhering to Parachute Industry Association standards. Super strong, waterproof, and lightweight accessory.

* Feel security on your wrist, and your all-metal bottle cap opener – all in one.

Constructed for survival with a tough and ready style. This paracord bracelet with an integrated bottle cap opener from Adventures Depot is distinct, trusted, yours. More than a paracord survival bracelet, it's the dedication from Adventures Depot. The team that makes this, stand with it 100%.

Well developed. Strong and solid, soft and flexible. A tight wrap of top quality paracord – 9 inches long and 3 cm wide. But how is it that the Adventures Depot paracord survival bracelets so much better than the rest? Simple. Adventures Depot knows the MIL-C-5040H and how it was modified to the current standards defined by the Parachute Industry Association. Bottom line – the Adventures Depot design is better than all the others. There are not any shackles that come in pieces for you to lose. Each component is top quality – only the best 7 core Type III, 550 paracord. Tough stuff.

Test the bottle cap opener. Grab a bottle. Tap the side with the opener. That clink that you hear is proof that the all-metal bottle cap opener is the real thing.

Wrap the paracord around your wrist. Good and safe. It doesn't just look great, it feels great. Put it on. Take it off. Admire. Repeat. But it's not a toy, it's solid. Soon you’ll be snapping it on like a professional. Next you won't want to take it off.

And about the whistle that's built into the clasp, we warn you, it's loud. Better to try this outside. Your pets probably won't like it, but you will.

Now you know the story. It’s a good option that fits many needs.

Most people wear it a lot. Friends certainly check it out. Some friends may not say anything for a while. It’s not surprise that it’s just one more great find from Amazon.

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EcoVida's™ Travel Towel™ – Ultimate Quick Drying, Super Absorbent, Light-Weight, Antibacterial, Camping Towel

Your search for the perfect towel is over. You no longer have to bring a soaking wet, smelly, heavy cotton towel on backpacking or camping journeys. You no longer have to pack a moist, smelly towel into your baggage or worse yet utilize some strangers towel to dry yourself off at a hotel or the gym. You no longer have to bring a towel to the beach that traps sand, scratches you, and remains wet all day. No longer will you have to waste electrical power running your clothes dryer hour after hour hoping your cotton towels are finally dry. When your Travel Towel™ by EcoVida™ reaches your doorstep, all of your towel troubles will be over!

The Travel Towel™ is made from high tech microfiber, which soaks up to 3 times it's weight in water and is 1/100th the thickness of a human hair. The ultra absorbent, wicking action of light-weight microfiber rapidly dries your body and hair leaving you revitalized and stimulated for the days experience. The Travel Towel™ feels luxuriously soft and packs up super small, so its the best addition to your backpacking gear or travel suitcase for long, extended journeys where space is at a premium.

The fast drying characteristics of microfiber and anti-bacterial treatment of the Travel Towel™, combined with loop button strap for simple hang drying and the complimentary mesh storage bag, mean you will not have to bring around a stinky cotton towel with you ever again. These exact same fast drying features remove the extended dryer time required by standard cotton towels saving you cash on your energy bill making you and the Travel Towel™ eco-friendly.

Your satisfaction is our guarantee and promise at EcoVida™. Every Travel Towel™ we make has our 100 % Satisfaction Guarantee. If our product doesn't live up to your expectations, return it to us whenever you choose. We are so confident you enjoy your Travel Towel™, we recommend you purchase two. One for you and one for your very best friend!

The Travel Towel ™ by EcoVida ™ is an extremely lightweight, ultra absorbent, anti-bacterial towel that packs up small, dries super rapidly, remains smelling fresh, and feels silky soft after several uses. It's the best towel to take camping, backpacking, to the beach, the gym, the pool, to yoga, or to utilize in the house.

The Travel Towel™ by EcoVida™ saves you cash and is eco-friendly because it remains fresh after several uses and air dries super quick requiring less trips to the washing machine and no time in the dryer. Purchasing this incredible microfiber towel is completely risk free because every microfiber Travel Towel™ comes with a 100% cash back guarantee, no questions asked. So buy your Travel Towel™ on Amazon now and think about getting two. One for you and one for your best friend!

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LED Headlight, Super bright. Great for Running, Camping, Hunting, Reading, Biking.

LED lights are extremely well-liked these days due to the fact of their low power consumption and requirements. They have been created in multiple shapes and with diverse characteristics to serve indoor and outside purposes. I have tried many of them over the years till I lastly located the iDo! LED headlamps.

The DIY guy!If you are like me and love the DIY challenges of household projects and have located that hands cost-free spot illumination is a necessity in many occasions then you will agree that headlights or headlamps are so helpful. Checking the crawling places of the house, the attic or the back yard in the middle of the evening is now considerably less complicated walking around lighting your techniques wherever direction and anytime required.

The fishing buddy!I love fishing and possessing a excellent reputable, comfy and sturdy LED headlamp is a should. We know that the bite is normally very best ahead of sunrise or soon after sunset. Even when leaving "everything ready" the evening ahead of, being capable to illuminate the below or on top of the truck or the tackle box to double verify is as easy as putting the headlamp around my head and walking up and down and around, all hands cost-free!

The outside adventurer!For these that appreciate camping or hunting, biking or operating, possessing the advantage of clearer vision in dark places, might prove to be the distinction between life and death. Similarly, the longer lasting battery life of this LED lights make confident that adventure seekers go additional and stay confident that their headlight is going to stand by them as they make their way back out of treacherous dark territories.

iDo! LED headlampsAs far as I am concerned, the Modo-King headlamps by iDo! are the very best out there. I got my initial unit via Amazon. It was delivered quickly and shipped for cost-free since I am a prime member. It came nicely packaged with 3AA energizer batteries integrated. Very lovely style, light weight and quite comfy and extremely easy to use on the go. Most importantly, extremely powerful and vibrant light! with multiple modes which includes spot, wide, strobe, red and dim lights.

Hands cost-free and vibrant light to illuminate your indoor or outside activities.

Reliable, Comfy and Sturdy. ! Only illuminate what you want

Adjustable to any situation and extremely comfy! *

Important modes for outside adventure include higher beam, low beam, dimming and red ultra-vibrant LED connected with an easy-to-use interface *

Adjustable strap sits comfortably on your head or mounts to a helmet *

Pros are thrilled with this headlamp due to the fact of its light weight, easy-to-wear feeling and really vibrant output of 70 lumens Straightforward to Use, Effective, Sturdy! *

Red, higher/low beams are activated with a click of the power button * Headlamp powers 70 lumens up to 150 hours on three AAA alkaline batteries (integrated) *

Water splash resistant and lightweight, IPX4 May possibly makes use of and Content Customers! * Camping, Fishing, Running, Hunting, Reading and considerably more! *

Handy for unexpected power outages *

Handyman friendly for plumbing or electrical emergencies or other household demands Assured 100% Lifetime! *

We test our merchandise, use them and confidently assured them 100%. No hassles! Get a single now! Excellent gift for others. Pick your favourite colour! *

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Aerid Microfiber Fast-Dry Towel – Perfect for All Your Adventurous Needs

Finest Fast-Drying microfiber towel on the market!

For such a small purchase, you would not think someone could get so excited by a new travel/camping towel. Nevertheless, when you discover a great top notch low-priced product such as this quick-dry microfiber towel, it sparks that adventurous side of you that has been tamed by your old faulty or low-quality equipment. (it's true, keep reading and i will explain).

If you are anything like me, when I purchase a new piece of equipment or travel device, I cannot wait to get a journey planned and put it to great use. This quick-dry towel is no different. I have tried other products like this but have had problems. The seams unravel, or the color bleeds on other clothing, or it simply does not dry as quickly as I had hoped. Not this one!

Because I use so much and trust the site (not to mention the fast shipping time, and money-back guarantees), I decided to search Amazon for a new travel/camping towel and was once again, very impressed with my experience and product purchase. The quick-dry towel I bought was the best one of it's kind and included an innovative and practical carrying case that also acted as a way to hang and dry the towel. What truly impressed me was the follow-up they had to ensure I got my product and added ways to utilize and maintain the towel that I had not thought of.

I have had some bad experiences with similar products in the past, but I have truly enjoyed this specific towel and am very pleased with it, being such a small purchase. If you are in the market for a quick-dry microfiber towel, then I encourage you to click the link below and find out for yourself what all the rage is about. I am sure you will not be disappointed!

Get yours now at Towel/

QUICK DRYING AND COMPACT – Use the Aerid towel and Keep Exploring! This towel is not just fast drying but also takes up minimal space in your backpack or travel suitcase.LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE – The incredibly lightweight microfiber material is machine washable and has durably stitched seams that will not unravel.MULTIPURPOSE USE – Aerid makes a towel that is great for all of your favorite activities. Whether it be camping, hiking, travel, golfing, or even drying the car, this microfiber towel is your finest choice.SLEEK AND SIMPLE DESIGN – The minimalist design is sleek, yet appealing, making it an excellent undercover accessory